Overstreet's Fan # 3 - Badrock

August 1995
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August 1995          Cover: Stephen Platt


Among the many features in Overstreet’s FAN #3 are an interview with Jim Shooter about Broadway Comics, an interview with Lady Rawhide's artist Mike Mayhew, a look inside Bob Chapman’s Graphitti Designs, the inside dirt on collected limited editions, a profile of the many Green Goblins of Spider-Man's life, a summary of Chaos! Comics, writer-artist Billy Tucci talks about Shi, and Jim Valentino’s post-Guardians of the Galaxy return to space, plus market reports, pricing updates and more.


Note: An unannounced, limited edition variant cover of Overstreet’s FAN #3 featuring Shi by Billy Tucci was available mixed in with the regular cover at local comic book retailers. In addition, copies featuring this cover were given away at Comic-Con International: San Diego. We do not have any copies of this variant cover available!